Essex V6 Bosch Distriutor
An inherently weak design.
Upgrade to a Bosch distributor and points instead, or electronic ignition. but always look for a repairable electronic ignition kit.
In Martin's opinion, the world's worst points design belongs to the standard Motorcraft distrbutor.
Tuning the Essex V6
Tuning the Essex V6
Four-barrels like the 390 are tested at 1.5 inches pressure drop, and if the 500 two barrel is tested at the same pressure as the four barrel, it flows at 353 cfm - smaller holes give higher air speed which encourages better fuel atomisation.
Four barrel carbs don't seem to give good results either, a 390 Holley is just too big.
The 500 Holley has a flow rate of 500 cfm at three inches of water pressure drop.
The 500  Holley - probably the best single carb for race engines.
For the Capri, they homologated the Weber 40 DF15, quite good for racing but no good on the road, as they don't have a power value and give a very rich partial throttle running - washing your bores out quickly.
A lot of people use the Weber IDF in Group I racing, but Martin finds a Holley 500 gives better fuel atomisation- lDFs seem to give wet plugs a lot.
This is the best first step, as most people have these carbs lying around.
The triple Weber manifold is rarely available, so use either 38 DGAS or the Car Clinic produced double manifold for two 38 DGAS carbs.
When using the standard carb, make sure you use the "W" plate, otherwise the end cylinders run weak because petrol isn't being distributed correctly within the manifold its all being dumped into the middle cylinder instead.
Bellmouths for 38DGAS Carbs
Essex V6 3.4 Litre Conversion kit
Essex 3.4 Litre Racing Engine
Tuning the Essex V6
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